NEW ARTIST: Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller – “The Way” LIVE | Ellen DeGeneres


Music’s next best thing is a pint-size pop sensation by the name of Ariana Grande. With a megawatt voice like the one she posses, it seems hard to believe that her last name is coincidental.

At just 19 years old (turning 20 later this month), Ariana is already shaking up the charts in the US. Her debut single, “The Way” is the perfect indicator to why she is the next best thing. By my estimation, in a couple of years we may see another Leona Lewis blossom out of this young girl. A pop song about her undeniable love for the bad boy in her life doesn’t seem like the type to need diva vocals on it but Ariana not only can’t help, but she makes it work and sounds so damn good doing it.

She stopped by Ellen Degeneres to perform her new hit single along with Mac Miller to assist. It’s all right here for you.

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