PREMIERE: Hodgy Beats – “Untitled 2” EP | Listen + Download


See we could wrap this review up in one sentence right now: we brought you the new single “Years” and judging by how hot that was you should be salivating for the rest. ‘Nuff said?

We finally have the full Untitled 2 EP by Hodgy Beats which means all your hopes, dreams and aspirations for life are all about to materialise. He’s that sick. For one example, you’ve heard rappers hook up with rockers but you haven’t heard hip hop be made out of rock. Prepare to be schooled. Just excuse the “Wolf Gang-num Style” line. Listen. All artists have their shortcomings. We can’t all be Michael Jackson.

Anyway. Turns out the young rapper’s not only good at the verses he spits but he’s also really smart. “Years” is the last song on the seven-track EP so you’ll have to listen to everything else before you get to what you know. My saying it’s going to be worth it is, in itself, a gross understatement.

We’ll trade you an ‘I told you so’ moment for you clicking this here download link.

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