PREMIERE: The Anti Retro Vinyls – “Would You Like to Pretend” | Video


Cut from their debut offereing, Trouble, The Anti Retro Vinyls recently dropped the video to their new single, “Would You Like to Pretend”. A statement on the video from the band’s official Facebook page reads:

We filmed this in our house….give it a looking! Give it a share if ya dig it!

Well, we dig it (or dug it) so we’re sharing. For a video that really is just a band of rockers jamming in a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and patio, it really is not too shabby. We have not a clue about what to expect from these guys in future but from the video and the aptly named album title, we think it might be trouble. Ridiculously corny pun intended.The good kind at least. You know the rocker kind, that takes you and blows your mind. Like the “Would You Like to Pretend” video you’re about to watch.

Be sure to purchase their album Trouble on iTunes of you dig/dug them!


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