NEW: Psy – “Goose’s Dream” LIVE | Happening Concert


Psy gets moved to tears by Seoul fans who believed in his dream.

As part of his Happening Concert, which is rumoured to have sold out it in merely half an hour, Psy performed to his beloved South Korean fans in its capital city, Seoul. During the performance of “Goose’s Dream” in April this year, Psy is moved by the support of the fans in the sardine packed Seoul World Cup Stadium. Perhaps the nostalgia of being back in your hometown coupled with 40 000 adoring fans screaming your name would move even the baddest Joe to tears.

Although all sung in Korean, this is probably one of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear. English subtitles are provided for those who don’t understand Korean but my advice is on your first watch, just listen. Because you’ll want to watch it again. Then be blown away by the beauty of what he’s saying.

If you were looking for something like “Gangnam Style” you’re out of luck in that regard. But allow me to introduce to you Psy, The Singer.


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