PREMIERE: Beyoncé – “Rise Up” | Epic Soundtrack


Beyoncé’s new anthem calls for a stand to rise up and fight.

As previously announced, Beyoncé was set to release a song that forms part of the soundtrack for the new 3D animation, Epic. The new song is as inspirational as the title insinuates and after, “I Was Here” we don’t mind hearing that kind of track from Bey again at all. This new song, however, is something of a quasi-different sound for Beyoncé that I’m not sure is entirely digestible at first listen. The entire chorus is sung in a choral harmony of Beyoncé’s voice which works for the feel of an inspirational anthem but something about it just comes on a little too hard. Perhaps an actual choir led by Bey would’ve sufficed?

That said, the new song is one you will enjoy and probably have on rotation for a while. If you enjoyed “Dreaming” and love the feel of “I Was Here”, your new favourite song might be a play button away.

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