PREMIERE: DJ Vetkuk vs. Mahoota ft. DJ Clap & Charlie – “Khaba Lenja” | Video


DJ Vetkuk vs. Mahoota help the ladies call the men who don’t fulfill their duties out.

Since Shania Twain and “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. Since TLC and “Scrubs”. Since Destiny’s Child and “Bills, Bills, Bills”. That’s how long ladies have been fed up with men. But fast forward to 2013, and DJ Vetkuk vs. Mahoota is teaming up with DJ Clap and Charlie to tell the men out there the same thing. If he doesn’t have a job or car, lives with his mama, doesn’t pay the bills or even if he doesn’t have a Twitter and Facebook account apparently, you should leave him. Or rather kick the dog. Oh, that goes for no BBM and/or WhatsApp too.

It’s very definitely and officially winter in South Africa now, so the likelihood of this being blasted out at house parties is dependent on the weather. That said, DJ Vetkuk vs. Mahoota more often than not set the tone for parties across the land. Will you be playing “Khaba Lenja” at your next winter event?

Now don’t be inja now and go pirate the single. We might have to hunt you down and khaba you. Support good local music and buy DJ Vetkuk vs. Mahoota’s Dinaledi on iTunes.


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