PREMIERE: Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran – “Everything Has Changed” | Video


Taylor’s “daughter” and Ed’s “son” soon realise everything changes once you fall in love.

Taylor Swift has been having an incredible year with 22 and what better way to top that all off with one of the year’s biggest breakout acts. Ed Sheeran lends his magical vocals to the new single, “Everything Has Changed” which talks about realising after a while how love can change everything. The video follows two amazing child actors, boy and girl, that look very suspiciously like young versions of Swift and Sheeran. From their journey on the school bus to the more maturer extra-curricular activities they choose to engage in, there’s purity of love that cannot be denied. It all culminates in a slow dance in an empty basketball court before being picked up from school by mama Taylor and papa Ed who notice that something might’ve been up between their two kids.

This is probably one the best songs you’ve heard from Taylor and of course we love us some Ed Sheeran. It’s all right here for you in “Everything’s Changed”.


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