PREMIERE: The Lonely Island – “SPELL IT OUT” #WackWednesday | Video


Allow The Lonely Island to reintroduce themselves. Their names are…

The Wack Album is almost due for release but before the 11th of June, The Lonely Island felt need to reintroduce themselves. Or introduce themselves if its the first you’ve heard of them. They’re wack so we’ll excuse you. Jorm and Kiv get pretty standard ‘Yo! This is…’ introductions but Lenny feels the need to spell his name out. But spelling out L-E-N-N-Y should not take more than 5 seconds.


Don’t bother replaying and put that stupid pen and paper down. What you’re looking for is the following (brace yourself):

Dude that has sex with pigs for mon­ey but only as a side thing right now,­ I’m just short on cash and have irons ­in the fire but in this economy it’ll ­have to do my name is Lenny.


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