PREMIERE: Kanye West Debuts “On Site” LIVE | Governors Ball 2013


Yeezy gets the momentum going for ‘Yeezus’ at this year’s Governors Ball.

If you know anything about hip hop, then you know to be looking forward to June the 18th. Yeezus, Kanye West’s follow up album to the critically acclaimed, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is due for release in just over a week. Ahead of that highly anticipated release, Yeezy’s been teasing us with street projection promos and live performances of what we can expect from the new record. This year’s Governor’s Ball served the same function. A new EDM influenced song called, “On Site” saw it’s debut on the Governor’s Ball stage with a rumoured collaboration with French DJing outfit, Daft Punk. However true or false it may be, it’s one you’ll want to hear. Come to think of it, all the singles from Yeezus have been good so far. Could this possibly be a worthy successor to MBDTF?

From the sound of things, it seems almost apparent that Yeezus and MBDTF are two uniquely different creatures that exist in their own ecosystems. I mean, especially because we all know what MBDTF was inspired by. Kanye’s got a completely new agenda with this new record and it’s without a doubt as controversial as it is necessary. And entertaining for that matter. Which is why we listen to music in the first place.

Now, if you know anything about Kanye, you know that when he puts on a show, the nigga shows up! Catch a peek of some fan footage of “On Site” as well as, “Black Skinhead” live in the Big Apple.

No pre-orders for Yeezus, as you know, but check back on the 18th and we’ll have all you need to know.

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