PREMIERE: Mindless Behavior – “Used to Be” | Video


Introducing a maturer behavior.

Quick BTS recap: Part 1 gave us a look into the makings of Prodigy’s bedroom scene, a tour of the house was in order for Part 2, before wrapping in Part 3 with the choreography rehearsal. And that rounded up the behind the scenes footage of the “Used to Be” video but that’s not why you’re reading this right now.

The video has finally been cut and released and it’s looking as good as was promised and so much more. If you loved the nineties and was as huge a fan of the R&B and its accompanying videos of the time, you have every obligation to watch this video. From the sun-kissed hue to the grand shots from the second floor window, the classic mic choreography and the ensemble scene on the cliff – an amazing performance by the boys and great job by the production team.

Get your nineties on and click play down here.

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