NEW: Usher – “Twisted” LIVE | The Voice


Usher proves, he’s still got it!

Any new artist who knows enough about what it means to be successful in this industry and damn good at what you do, should know that Usher is the epitome of this. He is without a doubt one of the hardest working R&B acts out there that still flies the R&B flag high. And it’s thanks to artist like him that the genre is back on the rise.

In a grand display of exactly why the world fell in love with R&B in the first place, Usher took off his judge’s hat to take up his performer hat on The Voice stage. “Twisted” was the chosen song and a smart choice at that made up an entire performance of smart choices. The suits, the choreography, the set and the seamlessness of transitions, his voice, his stage presence, those splits and, of course, those wayfarers. We can only hope that he gets back on tour soon to dazzle us with more supreme performance as this.


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