PREMIERE: The Lonely Island ft. Robyn, Sean Combs & Paul Rudd – “GO KINDERGARTEN” | Video


The Lonely Island quell the Diddy confusion and call him what his mama named him.

The Wack Album saw its release yesterday and is available for your consumption at your nearest store and on iTunes. To celebrate this release, The Lonely Island dropped their “GO KINDERGARTEN” video featuring the vocal efforts of Robyn. The interesting thing about The Wack Album is that although it’s stupid, it’s actually really not. “GO KINDERGARTEN” is a case in point: why do we so willingly and passionately do what songs say we should do in the club? You’re not thinking about it now but you will after you see this clip.

So do Diddy – or Sean Combs rather – and Paul contribute their rapper efforts to the song? No idea why Paul Rudd was included in that. No, sir. They play the video’s two leads. Combs the willing and passionate go-with-the-flower, and Rudd a club newcomer who needs schooling.

Well, there’s nothing else left to say. Except for maybe, why did Diddy agree to doing this in all his Richest Man in Hip Hop glory?


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