PREMIERE: Dogters Van Man – “Die Gras is Altyd Groener” | Video


Dogters Van Man show us that the grass is always greener where the heart is: home.

We’ve been tracking all-new trio, Dogters Van Man, and now they’re finally ready with their first offering. We saw the behind the scenes footage of the video being shot on location at a gorgeous Cape Winelands country house but it seems the bevy of beauties opted for a completely reworked treatment in the end. We’re not complaining. Have you seen their new video?

The accompanying video to “Die Gras is Altyd Groener” is a shortfilm-cum-music video. We track the story of the pretty protagonist who is on her way to catch with some friends at a local café in Cape Town, before heading off to England for what seems like a very extended amount of time. The farewell festivities build to such a climax that she releases the grass is definitely greener on the side of her friends and family and consequently discards the ticket in an act of love. What about the three lovely ladies you ask. The shindig includes a live performance and karaoke-esque by Dogters Van Man, who are the soundtrack to the lead lady’s life.

A stunning first attempt by a brand new artist and without a doubt a video fans and industry folk will be talking about for a while.

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