NEW ARTIST: Jay10 – “Lies for You” | Audio


New rapper is ready to expose the lies of our leaders.

Every artist uses their art as an alternative way to say something they feel the need to say however fickle or “deep” it may be. Hip hop has come a long way with regard to that and it has been used to deliver the most eclectic messages from plethora of subject matter. New rapper Jay10 is paving his own lane. With a concern for the state of the world he finds himself in, he criticises those in power to make his listeners realise where they’ve been blindly led to and where they should be. “Lies for You” documents the amount of lies these leaders have told as well as exposes the injustices committed to some of music’s biggest names, from Michael Jackson to 2Pac.

His first album bitchezNpolitics set the tone for an artist with big concerns that hopes his music will begin a change in the right direction. drugzNpolitics (The Re-release) is the new album dropping on June 16 which will include hits from his first album plus four new songs.

To download Jay10’s mixtape, Jay10 vs The World, head down to datPiff.


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