NEW ARTIST: PJ Morton ft. Stevie Wonder – “Only One” | Video


New recording artist recreates rhythm and blues nostalgia.

There’s always an undeniable difference between the music of artists who are purely vocalists and those who are vocalists as well as instrumentalists. There’s an inexplicable, unknown, untitled layer that forms part of the latter musicians’ sound. And it’s beautiful.

PJ Morton, responsible for the keys for Maroon 5, has recently signed with Cash Money Records to release his first solo project. Remember the days when R&B was exciting? When you looked forward to the video because you new Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder and New Edition were going to make it an event. Fast forward to 2013 and one PJ Morton is recreating that excitement all over again. His new keyboard driven single soars with the accompaniment of guitars, bass and horns – thank the Pope for horns! They make any song soar and Morton’s “Only One” is no different. One particular horn enjoys a standout solo and that would be Stevie Wonder’s of course. ‘Tis a little sad we don’t get to hear him sing on the song or even see him in the video but at the end of the day this is about the music and the music is killa!

Plenty more to come from this unearthed former diamond in the rough and we’ll be bringing it to you as it happens, beginning with this.


One thought on “NEW ARTIST: PJ Morton ft. Stevie Wonder – “Only One” | Video

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