PREMIERE: Big Kuntry King ft. T.I. – “Kickin Flav” | Video


Big Kuntry King and T.I. school us on new hip hop jargon.

kickin flav verb: to…
1. be poppin’ fly
2. get paid
3. ride high

This is according to T.I. on the new Big Kuntry King single, “Kickin Flav”. New hip hop terms pop up every so often. The last time we heard a new one was when Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “cray” replaced everyone’s vocabulary’s “crazy”. Could “I’m kickin flav” be the new “That shit cray”? All we know is from all the new tracks that have been dropping lately, the hip hop ego is definitely back. No complaints on our side – none of us will admit it but we all like jamming to exactly these kinds of tracks at the club so we can pretend we’re even half as wealthy.

Expensive muscle cars and a troupe of video girls makes for the stereotype hip hop video but maybe you can look passed that and enjoy the track for what it is. You ready to kick some flav? My first and, most probably, last attempt at trying to get it to catch on.


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