PREMIERE: Bruno Mars – “Treasure” | Video


Bruno proves why he was born in the wrong musical era.

We should’ve known from this year Billboard Awards performance that a video was on the horizon. More than that, we should’ve known that it would turn out to be a throwback video.

A 70s home video style shot, some red suits, band players, back-up singers and lights, and that’s Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” video. How could I forget the choreography which shows off some smooth old school moves by Mars and his band including bass, strings, horns and drums. That said, it could all still be today if it was recorded with an HD camera but nothing screams 70s quite like the colourful motion lag scene half way through the video. I could not help but crack smile with a nostalgic warmth as I was reminded of all the legends who made that era and it’s cheesiness that we all mock today. Except, “Treasure” is a far cry from a mockery. It’s a celebration. Of the time. Of music. And of Bruno Mars.

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