PREMIERE: DJ Vigilante ft. KO & AKA – “God’s Will” | Video


DJ Vigi’s got the Midas touch and it’s God’s will.

We recently brought you the epic video teaser to DJ Vigilante’s then imminent new music video, but the time for imminency is now nothing short of over.

“God’s Will” is everything we expected and more and by that we mean one of the best local videos we’ve seen in a while. Vigi, along with his featured boys, KO of Teargas and AKA, seem to have the Midas touch on everything at their exclusive banquet but the food. Ol’ Midas must be turning in his grave. As do the folk who channel negativity in Vigi, KO and AKA’s direction (metaphorical grave turning of course) but all they’ve got to say is it’s purely God’s will. The record deals, performances alongside Grammy winners, the money, the success – we’ve said this and it keeps coming up: the hip hop ego is back. And we like it!

Be sure to support good local music by purchasing this single on iTunes. Hate to use the religious rhetoric but I’m pretty sure it’s God’s will.

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