Kanye West’s New Computer Game & American Psycho-inspired Video


Rapper-cum-video game star-cum-movie maker.

Kanye seems to be more than busy not worrying about his album leak as his label Def Jam scrounge around on their goose chase looking for the guilty party (which we’re still pretty convinced is Yeezy himself). His latest projects include a 2D video game developed by a Japanese animator and a new video inspired by the film America Psycho.

The former sees Yeezy as its lead star battling it out against notable rappers such as 2Pac in a classic SEGA-esque video game world. If you could be one rapper in the world versus all the other rappers in the world, would you be ‘Ye?

The latter has got us a little more excited. It looks like there may be a new Yeezus video on he horizon. Using the same street projection marketing strategy as with Yeezus, Kanye got fans excited for a new American Psycho-inspired video.

Sound quality not too dandy on the clip (but probably the best you’ll find online). To curb this tiny issue, we’ve got the original clip for you from the original film.

Check back soon for details on developments.


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