NEW ARTIST: Richard Rich Debuts “Hallways” | Audio + Download


Richard Rich is about be the new sound blasting through your hallways.

We receive a lot of new music here at Feedbaq and probably the hardest task is sifting through it all and packaging it in a way that will get you, the music lovers, interested in an artist you’ve probably never heard of before. But sometimes – more often than not actually – you come across an artist that needs nothing but for us to deliver him to you for you to appreciate the artistry that is.

Our new artist of the moment, Richard Rich, recently released his new album Hallways and in this 13-track record he’ll take you on a journey of different life paths and hallways that you may choose or be led down. His retro-neo hip hop feel shows a nostalgic understanding of where hip hop has come from and where it’s headed. The New York native has put together a truly proudly Brooklyn record that sounds like what hip hop did when it mattered, when we looked forward to it and it wasn’t just background music in a club for girls to twerk to while they have money rain on them by thirsty men.

His suggestion for a good feel of who he is an artist is a track called “Wings”. We get it: his flow over the bold strings in the track make it simply soar as a track you want to bump to. That said, our suggestion: sit your ass down and listen to the entire record. Artists don’t make a coherent body of work with a clear trajectory anymore and so when one does it might be wise to sit down, listen and appreciate.

Check back soon for details on videos and new music.


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