PREMIERE: John Legend – “Made to Love” | Audio


John Legend debuts new single ‘Love In The Future’ single.

Love In The Future is still set for an imminent 2013 release but no worries – we’ve enjoyed a new single and a new video already. So a third song wouldn’t hurt at all!

The new one is one Legend likes to call, “Made to Love” and the single is probably not the best we’ve heard so far. Not an awful track by any measure but it suffers a monotony with its heavy reliance on the catchy hook which is only broken with funkadelic-orchestral switch up towards the end of the song. It still shows John off as a lyrical and musical genius while it carries a Cee-Lo Green and Alicia Keys influence. We really hope the, “The Beginning” video drops before this one does; it was the first single after all (and my favourite song so far).

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