NEW: Kelly Rowland Performs “Street Life” LIVE + Interview | Good Morning America


Kelly Rowland takes over Good Morning America.

As we previously announced, Kelly was due to perform on Good Morning America following the release of her fourth studio album, Talk a Good Game. Today’s performance was preceded by an interview in which Kelly talks all things Talk a Good Game as well as the imminent “Dirty Laundry” video. We’ve already seen the teaser video and from what we can see from the clips in the GMA interview, it’s going to be a hot video!

Of course, the main reason for all the hoo ha was to see Kelly live in performance with some new material. In my estimation, she could not have chosen a better song than “Street Life”. It’s got a groove that just makes you want to get down. Kelly and her dancers just take the song to the next level but can we just have a moment for Kelly’s vocals during this performance. Hot damn, girl! Look out for a Pusha T appearance for his verse on the song – a welcomed bonus to round up a good performance.

Check back soon for our Talk a Good Game track-by-track review.


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