PREMIERE: Backstreet Boys – “In a World Like This” | Audio


Backstreet Boys to release their brand new album.

Even among cancellation rumours, the tour has gone well under way and now we have the single that it’s titled after. “In a World Like This” is not only the title of their new single and tour but it’s also the title of the new album which is available for preorder now on Amazon.

The new single talks about sticking with the one you love in world that’s riddled with relationships that don’t last and end up amounting to nothing. My bias should never influence my reviews but allow me to say that as a die hard BSB fan, since the comeback, I have not been impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I was as excited as the next guy to hear that the biggest boy band the world has ever seen was back. But, alas, they came back not as the biggest boy band ever but rather as the former big fish in the pond trying to keep up and slot in with the new guys. They sound more and more like all the new bands that have sprung up now as a direct result of the myriad of talent shows out lately.

But pardon my rant, the song is not awful By any measure. They’re still the same BSB. They just sound like something off an X-Factor stage.

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