PREMIERE: Nelly ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell – “Get Like Me” | Audio


All these niggas wanna get like Nelly.

Or should we say Pharrell? Although Nelly has a good 40 second verse – which is a hell of a long time in track time – by the end of it, you forget that he’s actually on the song, let alone that it’s his song. It’s more Pharrell’s song than Nelly’s even though the former gets the lesser credit. Nelly returns to the song at the 2:47 mark, by which point, Pharell has dominated and we’ve said hello to Nicki. It less Nelly’s song than it is Nicki Minaj’s even though the latter gets the lesser credit.

Inconsistencies aside, this is probably going to be your favourite new jam. You can always trust a Pharrell track to be insane on production and this one is no different. If this is to be the new sound and/or direction for Nelly, he might earn him some street cred back as a hip hop artist to look out for. Lesson of the day: go to Pharrell when you need a new single (or album).


One thought on “PREMIERE: Nelly ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell – “Get Like Me” | Audio

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