PREMIERE: Pharrell Williams – “Happy” | Lyric Video | Despicable Me 2 Soundtrack


The happiest song since “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

Even at a cool 40 years old, Pharrell still looks like he bathes at least twice a day in the fountain of youth which is probably located at Naomi Campbell’s house, somewhere enclosed in the back yard. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working! So when Universal Pictures needed someone youthful who knows his way with the beats to create the soundtrack to Despicable Me 2, who better to call than Pharrell Williams himself? The new song, “Happy”, borrows the “clap your hands” participatory call that “If You’re Happy and You Know It” made so well known and fuses it with Pharrell’s unique sound. Eat your heart out, Mr If You’re Happy Composer.

One must look at the song in the context of the film and you’ll see that it more than fits the mandate, it’s a cool Pharrell record to jam to when you’re feeling happy (don’t think this song would be a good choice for depressives). The way I see it, in terms of videos, the lyric video is where it should begin and end. It’s so good it completely adds to the excitement of the song. And who can say no to a new Pharrell song anyway?

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