NEW: Jessie Ware – “Imagine It Was Us” LIVE | Primavera 2013


Jessie Ware talks growth, alcohol and boobs.

We’ve said before that Jessie Ware is probably the “realest” performer you’ll ever see on the stage. Even though she’s as professional as your favourite performer, she regularly breaks the fickle music performance fourth wall to interact with her audience on a very you’re-just-as-human-and-cool-as-I-am-so-let’s-chat-for-a-second-between-verses kind of interaction. In this next clip, you’ll see highlights from her recent Primavera 2013 performance as well as the complete “Imagine It Was Us” performance. Ware also takes a minute to chat about her growth as a live performer, her new found discipline with respect to alcohol and which angle to shoot from to ensure her puppies look as perky as possible. It’s all right here.

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