PREMIERE: Michelle Williams – If We Had Your Eyes | Audio

Michelle Williams wants to see things like God.

We knew that she was working on a new gospel record and now we finally have the first taste of it. Michelle Williams is back with a new single, one she likes to call, “If We Had Your Eyes”. Gospel, or faith music (as it is now known in politically correct circles), needs Michelle Williams. A big statement to make but it makes complete sense after listening to this new single.

Although it carries a clear message about how to look after and love one another as God commands us to, it could easily be heard on the radio among all the secular singles out there. Its bold bass notes, larger than life strings and snares make for a song both religious and non-religious folk can appreciate. Moreover, this, in my estimation, is her best work yet. She’s grown, not only as a vocalist but as a musician who is aware of what she wants to sound like and making conscious decisions respective to those sentiments.

The single is available for download on iTunes but catch a listen of it right here before you buy.

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