PREMIERE: Wale ft. Sam Dew – “LoveHate Thing” | Video

Wale takes it old school for “LoveHate Thing” video.

Today is a special day for Wale. Not only is it the release day of his new video but the highly anticipated The Gifted dropped today as well. Needless to say, we’re as excited as Wale is. Track-by-track review will be coming to you soon but first, let’s have a look at what we’re currently here for.

We already saw the behind-the-scenes footage to what we reckoned would be an awesome old school throwback video and that it is and more. You get the feeling from this song and video that no one could have done Sam Dew like Sam Dew does. We’re not sure if it’s his whiskey smooth vocals or how that beard acts as an accessory to his suit and tie. He takes the instant Wale classic to another level, making it worth more than a thumbs up or two. It’s the second track on the new record and probably one of the most emotionally charged. We’ve all been in relationship like this before but somehow Wale’s pen tells it in a deeper sense to what you’ve ever thought it.

Check back soon for that review. ‘Til then, check out the new “LoveHate Thing” video right here.

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