PREMIERE: Jesse Boykins III – #PopSchwaza | Audio


We have no idea what a PopSchwaza is but we know it sounds good!

Jesse Boykins III is almost ready to hit us with a new EP, strangely titled, #PopSchwaza and if he intends to redefine pop with this “schwaza” we’d like for him to know two things: we’re not sure that the pop fraternity (if you can even call them that) will be so receptive to it but we do know that we don’t care because we’re not complaining at all. “How Deep Is Your Love (The Rapture Cover)” and (my personal favourite) “Doing It Wrong (Drake Cover)” are the first to appear off of the new record which will have you thirsting for the new Boykins era.


Even from the days of Zulu Guru and Way of Wayfarer itwas already clear that here was a man who was more music than he was a musician. His shortfilm with Street Etiquette proved to us that he’s more artist than he is musician. We can only ask if there’s anything this man can’t do.

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