Justin Bieber Launches New Fragrance + Debuts New Instrumentals


We all knew that Bieber was a heartbreaker but he’s letting us know anyway.

So here at Feedbaq we’re pretty strict about keeping it about the music and the music alone. That said, the answer is no, we are not branching into parfum blogging. However, any signs of new music will get our attention. The Biebster just dropped yet another fragrance, called The Key and with it some groovy instrumentals that I must admit that I am a fan of. The only line you’ll hear Justin sing is “heartbreaker” which we assume will be the title of the new single.

As you also know, premature reviews aren’t really our thing here either so check back soon for the full track and its accompanying review. If you’re one of the lucky few Bieliebers to first get your hands on the fragrance let us know which you like more: the song or your new scent.

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