PREMIERE: Lil Wayne – “God Bless Amerika” | Video


Lil Wayne drops the worst best track of his career.

Weezy is back with a new one and for a minute – well maybe two – you’ll see a Weezy like you’ve seen him before: a dope a rapper. His new single, “God Bless Amerika” may come across as a touch controversial, but since that seems to be the order of the day lately, you quickly look passed that and see the genius that is Lil Wayne with a pen. Until it all comes crumbling down. The song quickly switches into fifth gear after the two minute mark and from there it’s all down hill. Lyrics like “Been eating my girl and she’s so sweet / Got cavities”, “Same shit, different air freshner” and “There’s a chain of commands / I’m the missing link” leave me speechless for all the wrong reasons.

At the end of the day, if you like Weezy, you will like this track. Like I said, it is one of his best tracks, it just happens to be the worst of those.

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