PREMIERE: Demi Lovato – “Made in the USA” | Video


Demi Lovato finds love in hopeless place.

Demi Lovato’s been having a good run with her new album, Demi, which is just as well as it has spawned some good tunes. The next to follow on its good track record – pun totally intended – is a song she likes to call, “Made in the USA”. The video to the pop tune dropped today and what a visual treat it is. Dustin Milligan of hit TV series, “90210” fame, plays Demi’s love interest in a classic American love story between beau and soldier. It is made in the States after all.

As a treatment, it sounds like it could have ended up as a cinematic ball of cheese but as stated above, you’ll love watching it. It basically is a movie, only in under 5 minutes. There’s a carnival scene, a war scene, a jam session scene and of course some lovemaking interspersed here and there. Hat off to both Demi and Hollywood Records for this one. Check out the full video here.

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