PREMIERE: DJ YRS Jerzy ft. Chox-Mak – “1995” | Audio


DJ YRS Jerzy takes us back with something to bump to.

Back with an aptly titled single, “1995” – although we’re not sure why that year specifically – DJ YRS Jerzy teams up with Chox-Mak to bring you a track that will take you back from its first bar. The 90s was back when we all bumped to hip hop, long before skinny jeans and cardigans. This was a time for hanging your pants grow man low and topping it off with a sweater and snapback. All of which still exists today to a greater or lesser degree but its rare to find the hip hop of the time reinvented in our new age. Listening to the DR.G-produced “1995” will remind you why the music of the day mattered, and still matters: it was simply simple. Snare, bass, keys and strings – although on this track the latter is synthed – was all that was needed to make a hit record. That said, we got no issues with what hip hop has evolved to today – at least not by the dope guys like your Jay-Zs, Kanyes and Kendrick Lamars. You’ll find little to no issue with this next track either.

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