PREMIERE: Ron Isley & Trey Songz – “Lay You Down” | Audio


Ron Isley and Trey Songz team up for the R& B duet of the year.

It’s not often that we make such grand statements about music. There’s so much out there that it’s often difficult to find a gem even after sifting through the masses. A legendary force collides forces with a young and vibrant energy to create what we’re already calling the R&B duet of the year. So there was that legendary diva and that Mexican crooner that time but once you hear Ron and Trey’s smoother than cognac vocals cruise of that sultry bass guitar before getting us all fired up with a sweet rosé harmony – all of this, only in the first 30 seconds, I might add – you’ll be left with no room for doubt. And why let all the sexiness go to waste if you’re not going to sing about doing your woman right?

It’s a classic Isley record with a more than welcome R. Kelly accent. Trey Songz has never sounded better and we have no issues with hearing more of him like this. Hold tight to your lover now because things are about to get heated up!


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