PREMIERE: Richie Rich – “Thinkin’ About You (Purple Remix)” | Audio


Richie Rich fixes what wasn’t broken.

So allow me to get my bias out the way first and no it’s got nothing to do with the fact that I’m a Frank Ocean fan. What I want to talk about is my aversion to remixes. Now more often than not when the creator remixes his or her own work, it can be good or sometimes better. The issue arises when other artists step in. But that’s the end of that.

There are major problems with this track the least of which are that you can hardly hear two words of what’s being – is it – sung or rapped? The song’s first problem is that it’s not a remix. Dubbing a completely new song onto someone’s tweaked instrumentals does not constitute a remix. That said, it not have been a new song considering I couldn’t hear a thing. It’s monotonous, repetitive and uninteresting and would’ve probably worked better if it was an actual remix over a really interesting take on Frank O’s original production.

My problem’s with this song lead me to one question: why “remix” this song in the first place? A Grammy award-winning tune, might I remind you. Perhaps Cape Town’s freezing over has frozen my sympathy. Let us in on your thoughts in our comment box.

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