Watch: Jay-Z x Zane Lowe: Part 4: Family & The Future | BBC Radio 1 Interview


Jay-Z talks wraps up his Zane Lowe exclusive with Blue, Bey and Kanye.

Alas, tis with great sadness that we bring you the fourth and final installment of Jay-Z and Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 interview. We were just getting used to tuning into Jay every night. In this final cut, Jay talks about fatherhood and how it’s changed his view on life. In case you thought poor little 17-month-old Blue had a dirty tongue – “Blue told me remind you niggas / Fuck that shit y’all talking ’bout / I’m the nigga” – Jay clears that up too. Forthcoming tour info – some of which we’ve already seen – and something to the effect of Watch the Throne II and a new project details also make up some of Hov’s final revelations. The most exciting detail of all though, must be Jay’s insinuating of an imminent (like way in the future imminent) Mr & Mrs Carter World Tour. We’re with Zane on this one: why hasn’t it happened already? If you listen carefully he even let’s slip about an album before nullifying it but who knows what can happen in a “house with two entertainers”.

In case you missed them check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3


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