PREMIERE: PilAto Ft. Sam Kuli – “Twakonka Ukuwina” | Video


PilAto goes from rags to riches.

Zambian artist, PilAto makes his debut on Feedbaq with a tune we have no clue about – for obvious reasons – but communication aside, music is a universal language and we enjoy it in all its forms. He hangs out with Sam Kuli on this one that seems to be about the underdog being bound by his reality even after landing a way out. Or maybe it simply is a rags to riches story. This comes right after a controversy he stirred in his country after he released a song, “Bufi” with local artist Petersen. The song’s title translates to “lies” in English and is reportedly a critique on or “diss” to the local Zambian government for empty promises and poor service delivery, or the lack thereof entirely. It was later reported that PilAto had been detained by the police for questioning. Lusaka Times reports that Lusaka Central Police, Police Chief Joyce Kosaso, dismissed these online reports as lies themselves.

He is free just like any citizen of this country. He is not under any threat of being arrested. It is just rumours.

Could, “Twakonka Ukuwina” be a follow-up to the controversial track? Who knows. How about some of our Zambian fans help us out in translating the meaning. Drop us your analysis in the comment box. What we do know is that it’s got a groove that will make you get down.


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