PREMIERE: Sam Trump – ‘Sam Trump Plays The Uke’ | Audio + Download


Sam Trump simultaneously strums the uke and heartstrings.

In our fast-paced, quick bite world, it’s not often that you’re lucky enough to be afforded a full body of music. We’re the singles generation. The give-me-a-catchy-hook-and-keep-the-rest-of-your-track generation. Sam Trump reminds us just why we fell in love with music in the first place. Master trumpeter and ukelele virtuoso, his debut EP, Sam Trump Plays The Uke is multi-faceted, dense, layered and limitless. The 5-track EP will take you on a smooth trajectory of Trump’s questions and thoughts on everything from love to humanity, all underscored by raw percussion, a sultry bass and, of course, his ukelele. The one instrument that doesn’t get a credit on the album, is Sam’s harmonies which, in my estimation, are responsible for creating most of the album’s unique ambience.

One can always tell the difference in the product from just a singer and that of a musician. This is not about better or worse but more about layering, or if you’ll allow me, a sonic subtext – musicians seem to operate on a level undeniably more profound. Perhaps it’s the way they are completely in control of their musical environment. And we must say, we could live off of Sam Trump’s ecosystem. The reality though is nothing lasts forever, and for this time, we’ll have to settle for little over 20 minutes. That said, there’s always the repeat button.

Be sure to download Sam Trump Plays The Uke in its entirety here.


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