NEW: Carly Rae Jepsen – “Tonight I’m Getting Over You (Smash Vidz Remix Version)” | Video


Carly gets over her ex in a smash up.

This isn’t the first we hear of Ms Jepsen getting over her ex in a night’s time but this time around she does it to a dub step mash up or “smash vid” as she calls it. The new take on her single isn’t bad except for that there’s more dub step than there is song. This version was very obviously made for the clubs – that is song and video. You’ve seen how club DJs these days have to double as VJs as well and it’s exactly this kind of video that they play. What’s interesting though is that artist (or often other DJs) take the time to make dance tracks or club remixes of former singles but it will always be further mixed in the club. Which begs the question: why bother? Perhaps I should just get over it tonight while you check out Carly’s new video.


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