Kanye West simultaneously reinvents the KKK and the music video.

You’ll remember from Part 2 of Jay-Z’s interview with Zane Lowe, him talking about art, no matter what the form – rap, fashion, art, or even, God forbid, porn – as merely a portal for Ye to do/say what he’s always wanted to. Except it takes getting to be as big as he is to be able to do that. We saw it with his projections of “New Slaves” on 66 random locations around the globe. This time around, Yeezy’s carving out his own #newrules. He’s reinventing the music video. And even the KKK, which in case you didn’t realise is the namesake of the stylising of “Black Skin Head” to “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD”. Well, let’s call it a re-reinvention. He already tried to reinvent the KKK back when he dropped the “Runaway” Shortfilm. Only that time we saw them in red. This time, black. He already tried to reinvent the video through his projections on streets and alleyways and now he’s thrown in an interactive feature.

Gone are the days of the Enhanced CD – although I must admit I miss them – so Yeezy together with director Nick Knight created a feature that allows you to control the motion speed of the video and then capture and share your favourite shots with your friends, all this via

Yeezy spent six tweets cussing out whoever leaked the premature or “unofficial” cut of this video and from my experience with Kanye West videos, I took his side. Ye and Hype Williams should be jointly honoured at the Oscars. But perhaps that’s the problem. This isn’t a Hype Williams production. And it isn’t worth all the noise he made about it. Half way into it, you’ll find yourself asking, ‘Is this what he was so mad about?’


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