Listen: Mariah Carey Drops Voice Message to Fans + Teases New Music


MC gets on the phone to talk about her shoulder with her therapist.

It seems like MC dislocating her shoulder had more implications than just postponing her new music video. She wanted to have something ready for her fans today but alas, as fate would have it, she’s spending time recovering. In the midst of her recovery, she thought she’d record a voice note for her Lambs explaining that she’s doing okay. Her physio gets on the phone as well to back it up but also says she was concerned about her Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert performance in Central Park. All-in-all, Mimi is making great progress and should be back to good health soon. To show us just how excited she is about the future, or “new era” as she’s been calling it, she went on a whim and played a snippet of some of her new music during the voice recording. Check out all the action right here.


In case you missed that performance live in the Big Apple, we’ve got you sorted with a fan video. You may be pleased to know there was no lip synching this time.


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