PREMIERE: Icona Pop – “All Night” | Audio Visual


Icona Pop drop new North American cross-over single.

Before we get into the new single that is, “All Night”, why don’t we have a chat about this, ‘audio visual’ category. Because surely, that’s just a music video then right? Well, not quite. As we saw with Kanye yesterday, reinvention has become the order of the day. So while everyone is posting their singles to static single cover arts on YouTube or alternatively meshing interesting visuals with lyrics to form a lyric video, Icona Pop is opting to just go for the pretty visuals and dub their music to it. So by that definition, it isn’t a music video and you’ll get further confirmation of that at the end of this audio visual.

What it is, for sure, is a dance number that is sure to be well received by the Western dance/club music lover that it is targeted for. Its uptempo bass and hip thrusting inducible guitar are enough to make the scene of any club. And it goes like this…

Perhaps it’s a pre-cursor to the video i.e. what to expect. Or they messed up the lyrics minutes before release time and opted to go with the visuals instead. Either way, as you’ve just noted, the video drops this September so be sure to check back for it come that time.

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