PREMIERE: Joss Stone – “The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)” | Video


Joss Stone drops new video to first single off new album.

Upon hearing that Joss Stone was back with a new album all I could think was that it has been much too long (because any time away from Joss is too long). Evidentially, there’s an entire life that’s been lived between now and 2011’s LP1 by the sounds of this next song. It talks about the reminiscing of a love that’s gone but it goes further than that, deeper than that. Just before you disregard it as another sad romance, Stone throws in a “why am I even telling you this?” twist into the mix. She always manages to capture the essence of human interaction; to deliver raw emotions via the transport of her raspy vocals to pull on every last heart string of her listeners’.

The video doesn’t hurt either. A sudden hail storm indoors traps Stone and forces her to think about and confront how she’s feeling. A thought staying on your mind doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dealing with it and Joss finds that out through the storm in her place. It’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. And it’s all right here for you.

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