Watch: India.Arie – “Break the Shell” LIVE | Super Soul Sunday


India.Arie delivers a soaring, inspirational performance live on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Post-The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah has put together a slew of projects that make up her OWN Network. One of them being Super Soul Sunday which acts as a portal of inspiration from personalities that matter weekly. Last week, India.Arie stopped by to have a chat with the Queen of Talk following the release of her new album Songversation. Of course, they couldn’t let her go with performing a song and she chose one from the new album called, “Break the Shell”. It talks about realising that life was never promised to be comfortable and easy and if you won’t listen to the words she’s saying, it’s up to you what will become of you. You can either stay on the ground or rise up and break the shell. This must be a song really close to home for India as you’ll remember, she was forced to record this project after losing all the material to her last one. India never ceases to inspire and heal and this performance is no different. Oprah called it, “perfect”. What more can we say?


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