Watch: Jay-Z x Elliot Wilson – #FactsOnly Interview: Part I | Life + Times


Jay takes on his second exclusive interview, only this time, with family.

It was just last week that Jay-Z’s exclusive interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe wrapped and this time around, he’s doing the same thing at home. Rap Radar’s Elliot Wilson sat down with his boss, Hov’, to run a similar interview and potentially do better than Zane Lowe (you’ll have to watch the interview to get what that means). Jay discusses his feelings about wanting to be the best at what he does and that he doesn’t ever want second place. He wants to be renowned like the greats: Shakespeare, Basquiat, etc. He’ll also talk about his pride for the upcoming rap generation, his home in Tribeca and why he won’t be relocating to a secluded island and of course his relationship with Beyoncé. Things get a touch heated when Jay shares his real thoughts on Billboard’s resistance to his seeking out new forms of revenue. Admittedly, he makes good points but I’ll allow you to hear him out yourself.

This is Part I of an hour special by Elliot Wilson with Jay-Z from Yankee Stadium.

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