Watch: Timbaland Talks Aaliyah + New Nas Record Featuring Jay-Z & JT


Timbaland says Aaliyah tracks don’t work unless its with her soulmate: him.

He was talking in response to Chris Brown and Drake’s rehashing of the fallen icon’s music for future projects. He also talks about his own future projects including an imminent tour with Jay-Z and Nas following a single he produced for Nas. The song features the former and Justin Timberlake and, according to Timbo, is titled, “Sinatra in the Sand”. Tim goes further to say that JT sounds like Sinatra on this cut – we’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing just yet but we’ll wait for the track to drop. Timbaland seems to be bubbling over with new music and looks to be on something of an inspiration high. If Magna Carta Holy Grail is anything to go by, we have zero complaints and plenty anxiety.

Check out his Revolt TV interview right here.


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