PREMIERE: Tyga ft. Future – “Show You” | Video


Tyga yachts it up for brand new nineties-inspired video.

In 2013, there is never a valid enough excuse or reason to produce a video in 4:3 aspect ratio. Okay, so we pardoned Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” video but that was different. And Bruno was born in the wrong era. Not even using the letterbox as a space for visuals is excusable for using the archaic 4:3 aspect ratio. But if we look passed that, the song isn’t too bad, I guess. I’m well aware that every second person and their mama has a problem with Future autotuning his vocals – personally, it doesn’t bother me at all – but on this track, he is probably the best thing about it. And it’s a lot less tuned than usual.

Tyga’s Hotel California has been out for four months now and has hardly gained any significant momentum. To be fair, the “F*ck for the Road” single with Chris Brown picked things up for the album. The reality is the hip hop game right now is cut throat and it’s gonna take more than lyrics like “I see you working on your body, getting ready for summer / I just got a new phone, and I lost your number / But I’mma get it, cause it’s that important” and nineties-inspired videos to cut it.


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