Watch: Jermaine Jackson Thanks P-Square “Personally” for MJ Tribute


Jermaine Jackson honours P-Square following their Michael Jackson tribute.

Jermaine Jackson took the time out to personally thank P-Square for their Michael Jackson tribute which formed part of their new music video, “Personally”. The new uptempo dance number features new choreography meshed with classic MJ sets from the “Billie Jean” moonwalk to the stunning anti-gravity lean from “Smooth Criminal” and many more. Classic MJ costumes slowly filter in towards the end of the video before culminating in a classic “Thriller” dance set.

Not only did Jermaine have all praise and gratitude for P-Square but he also vowed to work with them “on the stage” soon. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see that and we’ll bring straight to you if and when it happens. Until then, listen to what Jermaine had to say straight from the horse’s mouth.

In case you missed the video in question, check out the full clip right here.


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