PREMIERE: Trevor Jackson – “Drop It” | Video


Trevor Jackson drops it with a new single.

There’s an entire wave of teen entertainers emerging lately and it couldn’t be a more exciting time for music. Trevor Jackson is one such young artist and he’s back with a new dance number that he says you can bump to in the club or at a barbecue. The song talks about seeing a girl for the first time and not hesitating to dance with her so you can see her drop it, which in case you haven’t noticed is the namesake of the single. The girl in question is the equally as young and talented, Zendaya Coleman who’s exact relationship with Jackson has been in question before and further fueled by this video.

Of course, rumours are only ever just that. In the interest of setting the record straight and simply getting to know the young guy, we’ve got a recent interview of his with Global Grind’s Brittany Lewis. He’ll talk his new single and video, his thoughts on whether he can get away with acting grown around his mom and, of course, Zendaya.


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