Watch: Katy Perry Talks “The Smurfs 2” & Being a Girl’s Girl | Capital FM Interview


Katy Perry stops by UK’s No. 1 Hit Radio Station for some girl talk.

Because let’s be serious: even although this was supposed to be an interview with the intention of plugging Katy Perry’s new film, The Smurfs 2, what Capital FM didn’t realise is that they had sent in a groupie instead of an interviewer. So being as comfortable as Katy is under the glare of the limelight, she engaged said interviewer on a groupie girl-to-girl level and flipped the interview around to be about how cool Katy is coz all her celebrity friends say so. For the record: we do think that she’s pretty dope. And they did actually talk about the film because Katy reveals how this felt like the next logical step in her career as an artist who uses her voice as an instrument. Alas, no girl kissing in this one but a lot more than what was revealed in the above, below.

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